All installation work done by trained and certified installers. Installation of aluminum railings and stairs is quite simple and can be done within several days, or even within 8 hours, in case of a smaller project such as porch or small ladder. All stair and railing parts are fully interchangeable. They are attached to the floor and the walls by anchor bolts.

Installation involves following steps:

  • Installing of rails begins with marking all floor and wall mounts and balusters, marking of the drilled holes for the anchors. Posts mounted every three or four feet.
  • After anchors are attached, handrails and posts checked for exact contiguity. Then we mount balusters and handrails installed on top. The optimum height of the railing is about 3 feet.
  • Prefabricated railing elements are connected by bolts and screws, no welding or glue required.
  • The final step of installation is end caps.


To get more information about the conditions under which the installation is performed or to place your order contact us by phone 905-418-0444 or via contact us page.