Glass Railings

Open your view and connect to your surroundings! Global Aluminum Solutions offers you the ideal combination between the view of the scenery around you and the sturdiness and durability of tempered glass.

Glass Railings


Glass Railings


Glass Railings


Any commercial or residential building requires railings, both for safety and design considerations. These railings can be placed indoor or outdoor for stairs, swimming pools, decks, wind breaks, decorative items and many others. If you are searching for a glass panel railing system, then you needn’t look any further! Aluminum railings with glass panels are a cost-efficient and future-proof alternative to the traditional wooden ones. The standard design typically consists of glass panels, vertical aluminum support rails and an aluminum horizontal rail on top. However, the exact design and combination of materials depends on the client’s preferences. For instance, most people nowadays choose a more elegant model, with no top or bottom horizontal rail, as this is the one that provides an unobstructed and clean view.

Another advantage that these railings have stems from the low maintenance of the aluminum. Its finish coating makes it rust-free and weather-resistant, so you will never need to paint it. Nonetheless, the tempered glass is very safe; if it breaks, it will fall in millions of pieces and the risk of cuts is virtually inexistent, thus making it suitable for every home (keeping children safe) or commercial building.

Furthermore, you can choose any colour you wish for the aluminum railings you will have installed. Even the glass can be coloured if you prefer to stay safe from UV radiations of the sun or if you want some privacy. Don’t think solely about completely transparent glass paired with silver-coloured aluminum. Think outside the box, and we will help you to achieve any design that you deem right for your building.

Today, it is almost impossible to imagine a modern building that lacks glass and metal elements. If you wish to have a modern, yet comfortable and safe home, aluminum railings with glass panels are your ideal choice. They do not need maintenance, they are cost-effective and they fit any interior due to their extreme versatility.

Global Aluminum Solutions offers you a variety of aluminum railings with tempered glass models. All of them feature 6 mm tempered glass (fully transparent or coloured). Whether you are a homeowner, a contractor, an architect or a designer, we would be more than happy to sit down with you and present to you our portfolio, as well as come up with the ideal price offer for you. We take great pride in our experience in this field and in our adaptability. Thus, we can easily tackle any project, irrespective of its size, design and functionality request. Nonetheless, we can design, manufacture and install any type of aluminum railing, just as we can provide you with just one of these services.

Call us today to receive your free quote, as well as advice from our professional consultants. We are eager to get to know you and to take on our next challenging project!