Aluminum StairsGlobal Aluminum Solutions in Toronto, Ontario designs and manufactures aluminum stairs for homeowners, as well as for businesses and industrial use. Our stairs are all aluminum and rust-free, thus suitable for any environment, including down ravines and lakeshores. Nonetheless, we can design and install floating footings that are not attached to the ground and yet maintain their sturdiness and can sustain heavy weights. This type of aluminum stairs have the advantage of not heaving when the ground beneath them shifts.

Unlike traditional wooden stairs, the aluminum ones will never bend, warp or become slippery. They are suitable for both low-traffic and heavy-traffic, maintain their beauty over time and add value to your property. Most importantly, they are also extremely cost-effective and can be designed so that they meet any construction requirement and fit any indoor or outdoor location. Thus, your investment is protected and future-proof.

Here are some of our aluminum stairs’ features

  • Perforated aluminum steps for draining water. Using our efficient design means no more worrying about slippery surfaces or an unaesthetic look due to water pooling. Irrespective of how rainy the area you live in is, the stairs you walk on everyday will always be safe.
  • Mechanically assembled with stainless steel bolts. Stainless steel is an extremely sturdy material and, just like aluminum, a rust-free one. Combining these two metals results in extremely durable and weight-resistant stairs, compatible for both home and industrial usage.
  • All staircases are made to measure. This means that we offer the aluminum staircase that fits your building perfectly; you don’t have to choose between existing staircases and pray that you will make them fit “somehow”. If you choose to order our products, you know for sure that they can easily be installed wherever you want them to.
  • Made with or without aluminum bearings. According to the usage of the staircase, its bearings may be made of aluminum or another metal. You can make your own choice or you can discuss your options with one of our consultants. All of them have several years of experience in this area, so they can easily advice you on what fits your project best in terms of functionality, resistance and design.
  • Anti-slip surface. This is an extremely useful feature, especially when it comes to the cold Ontario winters. You don’t need to worry that aluminum is slippery, because we know just the way to create a perfect anti-slip surface that can stand the coldest of weathers.

Feel free to browse our aluminum stairs and choose the model that fits you best. Didn’t find exactly what you were looking for? There’s no need to settle for the second best. Global Aluminum Solutions is happy to take on your custom project and create the aluminum staircase you wish – all tailor made to fit your deadline and your budget. Moreover, are specialized in turnkey projects, so we can handle everything from design to manufacture and installation.

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Aluminum Stairs
Aluminum Stairs
Aluminum Stairs
Aluminum Stairs