Stainless steel posts, framed glass guards, glass staircase rails on stand-offs – whichever of these you choose for your home, you can be sure that you made the same decision as any top interior designer. Interior glass railings are designer’s preferred way to add a “wow” effect to any home. Here’s why:

  • Glass railings add an urban, modern and elegant look.
  • You have multiple installation options, each of which is suitable for another set of preferences or for another décor. Even if they are made of stainless steel and glass, they can be added even to rustic homes if you use wooden stand-offs!
  • Glass railings are very safe: the stainless steel used to support them is one of the sturdiest materials known to man, while the 8mm-10mm tempered glass ensures an accident-free home.
  • They are maintenance-free: stainless steel can last for hundreds of years and so can tempered glass, so you won’t need to change them after a few years (as it happens with wooden rails). Even more, you will never need to re-paint them or worry about mold, rust or rotting. All you need to do is wipe them with a moist cloth and they will keep their flawless appearance for ages!
  • Glass railings will make your living space look bigger and uncluttered. If you choose transparent tempered glass, your railings can be virtually invisible, thus giving you the impression of extra space.

The glass railings Global Aluminum Solutions manufactures and installs are made with the utmost cutting precision and great attention to detail for a flawless look. We use top quality, 100% Canadian materials in order to ensure that your investment is future-proof. Even more, due to our vast experience in the field, we can install your new glass railings in as little as 8 hours! Give us a call today – it’s the first step towards adding an urban, modern and fashionable touch to your home!