Balconies & Dividers

Want to add a modern touch to your apartment building without spending a fortune? Aluminum railings for balconies and dividers are the perfect solution. Check out some of their advantages:

  • Aluminum railings are easily customizable: you can choose any color you want for your aluminum balconies and dividers, add glass panels or choose the thickness of the rails.
  • Get visibility or privacy with either transparent glass or tinted glass for your balconies.
  • Aluminum railings give you free maintenance for your balconies and dividers – all you need to do it wipe the dust away. There’s no need to paint them or replace them altogether within a few years.
  • Aluminum railings are great for extreme weather conditions. No matter what winter brings, your balcony will be safe, as aluminum can support up to 50 pounds of snow per square inch.
  • You will have no structural issues if you choose aluminum railings for your balcony: this metal is extremely lightweight, so you can choose the thickest rails available and you’ll still be safe.
  • You can forget about fire hazards: aluminum doesn’t catch fire, so you can literally play with fire on your balcony. Better yet, your new aluminum railings will hardly get heated by the sun!

Global Aluminum Solutions has a vast background in installing aluminum railings in apartment buildings in the entire Ontario area. Check out our online catalog and give us a call – we’ll provide you with a quote in 24 hours or less. If you can’t decide which aluminum balcony is ideal for your apartment building, our experts can provide you with free consulting services.  We offer turnkey solutions for residential and commercial aluminum balconies – we’d be happy to help you make your building stand out from the crowd!